Военно-медицинская академия имени С. М. Кирова test

Командование Военно-медицинской академии выражает свою признательность дирекции Форума ПМФЗ за совместную работу по проведению V конференции «Военная медицина XXI века» в рамках «Петербургского международного Форума здоровья» на площадке КВЦ Экспофорума 5 октября 2023 года. По уже сложившейся традиции мероприятие исполнено на высоком профессиональном уровне. С учетом растущего интереса к военной медицине, академия заинтересована в расширении объема мероприятий и состава участников для повышения статуса конференции в следующем году. Рассчитываем на дальнейшее сотрудничество

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РНПЦ онкологии и медицинской радиологии

От имени администрации и сотрудников государственного учреждения «Республиканский научно-практический центр онкологии и медицинской радиологи им.Н.Н.Александрова» приносим искреннюю благодарность дирекции Форума ПМФЗ за предоставленную возможность участия в XI Петербургском международном форуме здоровья, который проходил в период с 4 по 6 октября 2023 г. в г. Санкт-Петербург.Благодаря четкой работе специалистов при организации научных секций, выставочных мероприятий, оперативности и технически грамотного отношения к работе специалистов в течение всего периода пребывания и участия в Форуме было обеспечена доброжелательная обстановка при проведении переговоров и участия в проводимых кейсах.Высокие организаторские способности, доброжелательность, работников курируемого Вами учреждения заслуживают наивысшей оценки.Желаем Вам профессиональных успехов и крепкого здоровья.Мы уверены, что достигнем налаживания перспективного долгосрочиого сотрудничества в сфере здравоохранения.

Ольга Гаврилова
кандидат юридических наук, старший преподаватель

Хочу выразить искреннюю благодарность организаторам Петербургского международного Форума здоровья, за организацию Форума, в рамках которого пациентам была оказана высококвалифицированная диагностика вен нижних конечностей. За отзывчивость, доброту и понимание нужд и чаяний пациентов!

Медсервис+ Медсервис+

Дважды бывал на Петербургском Форуме Здоровья проходящем в Экспофоруме. Впечатляет уровень и размах мероприятия. Очень достойно! Месторасположение, и наличие отелей делает приезд сюда комфортным и желанным.

MaxMassage massage devices

The MaxMassage team spent the end of October at the Expoforum - we participated in the St. Petersburg International Health Forum. The event, which took place from October 25 to 27, 2022, turned out to be very eventful. Within the framework of the forum, interesting conferences and round tables on medical issues were organized, lectures, practical classes and master classes were held. A large number of products for doctors and clinics were presented: medical clothing, furniture and equipment for hospitals. The pavilion also featured a virtual reality attraction with the Surgeon Simulator game, where everyone could try to perform an operation. During these three days, MaxMassage was visited by many people: employees of medical institutions and public hospitals, medical students, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, owners of private clinics. Most of the guests were not familiar with home pressotherapy equipment before. They were pleasantly surprised by the dimensions of the devices - in contrast to the standard physiotherapy equipment, which occupies half the room, our massagers are light and very compact. Also, people liked the ability to connect several cuffs at once: not all professional equipment can allow this. And finally, everyone was very pleased with the price. Professional equipment for pressotherapy from South Korea, Israel or France costs from 200,000 rubles and, moreover, it is very difficult to get it now. Under the circumstances, WelbuTech massagers are a convenient and cost-effective alternative. In the morning and in the evening, as is usually the case at exhibitions, employees from other stands came to visit us. Massagers perfectly help to warm up before the start of a hard shift and relax after a person has spent the whole day on his feet. Also, many clients came who had long wanted to personally see our massagers, but could not get to the showroom. We consulted them in detail on the entire range, let them check the effect of the devices, helped them choose the model and additional options. A lot of orders were placed right at the exhibition, mainly for preventive institutions and beauty parlors. Some doctors who are very tired on shifts and would like to relax with massagers have bought them for themselves and their families. One order came from the owner of the clinic: he purchased a pneumocompression apparatus for his staff for his staff. And rehabilitators especially appreciated the Zam-02 Arm - a set with a sleeve aimed at a specific problem. Also, the purchase was made by an employee of the Japanese representative office - a person who understands good technology. When the event came to an end and other participants began to close their stands, we could not leave right away - there were still those who wanted to try our procedures. Of course, we could not leave our guests with nothing, so we had to stay a little longer. PMFZ is a very productive and useful event. We participated in it with great pleasure and will gladly appear there again. Thanks to all the guests!

Evgenia Krasnova
Marketing director
LLC "Enbisis"

At SPIHF 2022, we presented our own development - an online platform for diabetic retinopathy recognition using artificial intelligence. This was the first healthcare event in Russia in which we participated. Participation confirmed the presence of the problem that our product solves, and we managed to reach agreements on conducting pilot trials in several clinics in the Northwestern Federal District. Also, we took part in the Innovative Projects in Healthcare competition and were awarded a gold medal. We consider participation in the exhibition to be effective, we thank the organizers for the efficient work, high-quality execution of the stand and rolap, and the most comfortable communications!

Sergei Alexandrovich Efremov
LLC "BusinessComputer"

On October 27, I took part in the St. Petersburg International Health Forum 2022. Thank you for an interesting event! As part of the event, in addition to the impressive exhibition complex, I would like to note the competition of innovative solutions, where a great opportunity was realized to present new and necessary developments for medicine to the competent jury.

Larisa Zubareva
Physician - methodologist
GOBUZ Murmansk Regional Clinical Multidisciplinary Center

On October 25–27, 2022, the St. Petersburg International Health Forum was held in St. Petersburg at the EXPOFORUM exhibition center. Many thanks to EXPOFORUM for organizing such an event. The modern exhibition complex is impressive. Good location, easy to get to. Excellent parking available. Everything went at the highest level, informative and positive. See you soon!

Team pharmacist

On October 25, 2022, I visited the International Health Forum, which traditionally takes place in St. Petersburg. I saw the announcement of this forum and immediately realized that this is the place where you can get acquainted with new brands. And, therefore, check and share recommendations in updated collections and posts. The exhibition program of the event featured medical innovations and technologies, devices and equipment, massagers. But most of all I liked the exhibition of the Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy. Here you can admire the medical instruments and devices of the 19th and 20th centuries. Touching history with your own hands is magical. At the forum, health professionals read fascinating lectures. There I met with representatives of brands that produce vitamin complexes and dietary supplements. They are already on the pencil \\\\\\\"Ekoraznosa®️\\\\\\\"!

Harumukiza Jean Domitien
KAMENGE Military Hospital

I enjoyed the participation on the forum. I t was really interesting. I look forwards for next exhibition. Thanks for the organizators.

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